You must have visited a professional make-up artist at least once who might have scolded you because your skin wasn’t treated properly. Well, I have to agree with them. Because there are certain tricks you have to make or else, even the most beautiful make-up will look bad on you.

The professional make-up artist had a point because even if they use the fanciest products, it won’t make the break-out on your face disappear. Not to mention, that it won’t have that natural look either.

Let’s see what you should do on a daily basis in the bathroom, in order to look magnificent with or without make-up.

Wash your face!

First with water followed by a liquid cleansing product. Only on clean skin will any cosmetical product be effective.

If you do this in the morning and in the evening as well, you don’t have to face contamination and oil: your skin’s going to be sooth and velvety.

If your skin requires it, use a soft scrub to make the dead skin come off of your face, resulting in an even, smooth surface.

There comes the next skin care trick!


Tonic can soothe the skin, reduce redness and dryness, and it can also moisturize.

After using a tonic, your skin rejuvenates, there will be a lower chance of having acnes, blackheads, or clogged pores.

Hydrate and nourish!

If you use moisturizing and nourishing cream twice a day you can lean back and relax. Around your thirties it is recommended to buy a couple of anti-wrinkle products (face cream, eye wrinkle cream) too.

On top of that, you can use masks, face packs – just make sure that they have the right ingredients!

I wish you to have a smooth, even, make-up ready face!

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