As you are an inimitable creature of mother nature, your unique beauty and timeless glow are also nature’s gifts. We make the natural cosmetic products of CHRISTINA DOMIAN© from 100 % natural ingredients because we believe that those who live in nature are connected by invisible strings. If you use products made of high-quality vegetable materials for your skin care, you complete yourself.

What is the main point when choosing the ingredients of CHRISTINA DOMIAN© products?

As a natural cosmetic manufacturer and distributor, we strive to use the best Hungarian and international ingredients for our products.

We are committed to the fact that only natural ingredients and cosmetics made from them are a practical choice when it comes to skin care. If you use products containing artificial ingredients or chemicals, your body will pay the price in the long run.

Why does the CHRISTINA DOMIAN© brand represent premium quality on the market of natural cosmetics?

The reason is the method of adding the maximum amount of active ingredients.

Our products differ from similar cosmetics in containing the maximum amount of all the active ingredients.

You can check this yourself by looking at the detailed lists of ingredients. The basic rule of the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) list for cosmetics states that the ingredients should be listed based on their amount in the cosmetics, ranging from the highest to the lowest.

Discover the CHRISTINA DOMIAN© products right for your skin type and read the INCI list as well.