Leaving the greyness and rush behind and arriving to another country, another continent, where palm trees are on the beach or a snowy winter view greets you. There is hardly a better feeling than arriving to the hot summer or the coldest winter.

In reality you arrive to another season, but your skin notices it as well because it needs to change according to every season. As you need time to change for the new time zone, your skin has to face jetlag as well. But do not give up on your usual skin care routine, cleanse, tone and take care of day and night moisturizing, according to your skin type.

What challenges does your skin have to face in the warm?

Your first tropical experience is that as you step out of the airplane you take a deep breath from the humid, almost hot air. Compared to a heated room or the dry air of the office it is a shock to your skin. To accommodate, you start sweating, but your pores will have a hard time breathing, they’ll get clogged easily. Don’t think that this only applies to the combination and oily skin types. The dry, sensitive and the dry, dehydrated skins should be protected from contamination even more, so the important nourishing ingredients can be absorbed.

After cooling off in the ocean and laying down on the beach, comes the next challenge. The salty ocean water makes your skin dry while the excessive sunbathing can cause damages and premature wrinkles. The more oil and water deficient your skin is the more attention you have to pay to moisturizing and sun protection during your summer skin care routine. It is important to create a good base for day and night nurturing with cleansing, and the creams you use must contain something against free radicals, some antioxidant components, such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or raspberry seed oil.

How can you do good for your skin in harsh winter?

The lady guests of the world’s best ski resorts know that aside from the best ski suit the most important thing they have to pack for the trip is the adequate, effective hydrating and sun protecting skin care product. The cool weather makes your skin dry just like ocean water, even if you are all dressed up. That way the harmful sunbeams can only reach your face. If you enjoy winter while keeping in mind these harmful effects, you do a lot to arrive home with relaxed facial skin.

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