Information on the application of “cookies”

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1. General Information

Please note that this website is

Campeador Hospitality, Trade and service Limited company

Trade Register Number: 14-06-304824-Commercial Court of Kaposvár Tribunal
Tax Number: 20293464-1-14
Head Office: 7471 Zimány, Kossuth L. u. 11.

(hereinafter referred to as the data controller).

This website:

Internet site.

Please be advised that this website (hereinafter the “website”) is a means of improving the quality of services, facilitating the use of the website (allowing the user to communicate and interact more easily with our website) and To adequately address security and data protection risks. Use “cookies” in a foreign word.

A cookie is a small set of data (a variable, alphanumeric information packet) sent to your device by the server of the site you are browsing. The cookie is stored in the browser of your computer, phone or tablet, and can then be read by the sending server. The cookie cannot be read by any other web site, but is only placed on it. Cookies provide us with information about how visitors use your site. Cookies may be used for different purposes; For example, to measure website usage and to facilitate browsing by remembering pages that were previously opened within the site. A cookie does not contain any personal data that would directly enable anyone to access your e-mail, phone, or regular mail. Cookies alone are not capable of identifying the user, but are only capable of recognizing the visitor’s device used for browsing. If you do not wish to accept the use of cookies on this site, you may configure your Web browser to inform you about the placement of cookies or to prevent the placement of cookies. 

2. Approval of Cookies

We place cookies on the device you use to visit our website (your computer, phone, or tablet). When you start browsing our website, you will be warned in a pop-up window when the home page loads.

If we use cookies for purposes other than cookies necessary to ensure the functionality and convenience of our website, we also ask for your consent in the pop-up window. In the latter case, you can later change the contribution of each data collection in this window.

Even if you initially consent to our use of our cookies, you can choose to disable and delete cookies in your Internet browser settings at any time. However, please note that without the use of cookies, you will not be able to access many of the features that make browsing easier, and some of our services may not work properly.

3. Manage Cookie Settings

You can change your cookie settings in the pop-up window or through your browser. You can disable the use of cookies by activating a setting in your browser that allows you to reject all or certain cookies. These settings are usually available in your browser’s “settings” or “Preferences” menu. To learn more, use the following links:


Firefox: redirectlocale = en-US & amp; redirectslug = Cookies

Internet Explorer: Go to the page and in the Search box type “cookies”.

Safari: Go to and enter “cookies” into the search box.


4. Types of cookies

Cookies may be valid at the time of the session. Temporary or session cookies — or persistent cookies — are cookies and distinguish between the first-party (internal) and third-party (external) cookies. Read below to understand what these terms mean to better understand the cookies we use and why we use them.

5. Cookies Valid during the time of browsing

Cookies that are valid at the time of your browsing session allow you to recognize you during your visit to our website so that any page changes or selections can be remembered from page to page. These cookies allow you to move through many pages of a website quickly and easily without having to identify yourself on each page you visit or repeat processes (e.g. filling out a form). When you browse the site or close the browser, such cookies are automatically deleted from your device.

6. Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are cookies that, for a certain period of time (defined in days, weeks, months or years), remain “persistent” on your computer after the browsing process has expired and therefore allow users To recall your preferences or operations during a subsequent visit to the site (e.g. by applying a username or password to the site). The saved cookies are stored on your device until the expiration of the validity period, but you can delete them before the predefined deadlines expire.

7. Cookies from the website operator

Cookies coming from the server of the browed website. In this case, we are dealing with cookies from the server hosting the website operated by the data controller, the properties of which have been detailed above. These are the IP addresses of your device, the pages you visit when you use the site, the name and password of the user (at your discretion). By doing so, you do not have to regularly repeat processes when you open a page, or when you return to the site after you leave the website, open the same pages, or – your decision You do not need to re-identify yourself or sign in again. We use cookies to provide the registered users of our website with the necessary permissions; If the user has entered the site, they will receive the necessary privileges. No other information is stored in this cookie, nor when it has entered, who has entered it, we simply check the entry privilege.

These cookies are called session cookies, so they are valid during the browsing period. This means that if someone starts browsing the site, the cookie will be activated and will expire for up to 15 minutes after the user’s last activity.

The exception to this is the cookie that you are using to store your login information on your browser device.

8. Third-party Cookies

Third-party cookies are not sent from the data controller or from the server hosting the site. These cookies are saved on your computer, phone and tablet when you visit the site, as shown below.

9. Google Cookies

Google Analytics © files help you monitor your page, as well as information about how you use the page (such as the number of visitors to your site, the pages you visit, where visitors reside, how you browse the User, from which other website “arrives” the user, the browser used, the operating system, the Internet service provider and the monitor that he is currently using, the time when the page was browquated, when he left the page). We use this information to generate statistics and further improve the site.

This data is also accessed by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA), owned and operated by Google Analytics assets. Google INC. Also uses the above information for the purpose of delivering targeted advertisements to the browser user. In doing so, Google INC. Uses the data collected by cookies and the IP address of the browser device to determine the interests that can be explored based on your browsing habits from that device, and then the Targeted advertisements on that device. For more information, visit the following pages:

Google Analytics © Cookies are known as persistent cookies and are stored for a maximum of two years, but this is in practice, depending on the type of cookies, between 2 hours and six months.

For more information about cookies, including viewing, managing and deleting cookies, visit . To disable Google Analytics tracking on all pages, go to .

10. Facebook Cookies

Cookies that facilitate access to the community side of the data controller and the sharing and liking of this website on the community site are provided by Facebook Inc., so that the data processed by these cookies are managed by Facebook Inc. (1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA). This feature of Facebook INC. Also provides you with access to the data described above, to measure website usage and to crawl your browsing habits. This information is stored permanently by Facebook Inc., but with cookies working for up to 2 years, which are recorded on the user’s browser device. The user may arrange to delete these cookies in their browser settings. Facebook INC. Also uses the above information for the purpose of delivering targeted advertisements to the browser user. In doing so, Facebook Inc. Identifies the interests that can be explored based on the browsing habits of the device and the IP address of the browsing device, and then, by linking to the targeted Advertisements to that device.

See the Facebook Inc. page for more details.

11. Log Entries

The Data Manager’s site uses technical background log entries. In a log entry, you can store the IP address, the type of browser used by the visitor, the Internet service provider, the date/time stamp, the address of the referrer and exit pages, the number of clicks during the visit. This is done so that in the event of a malfunction, we can recover the conditions of the error, making it safer to browse the future. It makes it easier for us to manage and administer your site. The data are not suitable for identification directly.

This factsheet contains information on how the information technology is processed. For more specific information about this site and other personal data processing, please refer to the “ Privacy Notice ” document.

Campeador Bt.