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1. General Information

Please note that this website is

Campeador Hospitality, Trade and Service Limited Company

Trade Register Number: 14-06-304824-Commercial Court of Kaposvár Tribunal
Tax Number: 20293464-1-14
Head Office: 7471 Zimány, Kossuth L. u. 11.
Website: https: \
E-mail: christinadomiancosmetics@gmail.com

(hereinafter referred to as the “service provider”).

This website


Internet site.

You can find information about the services and products of the service provider on this web site. By viewing and using this site and its constituent websites (collectively, the “Web site”), you agree to be bound by the content of the policies, notices, terms and conditions of use published on this site. Service provider may change them at any time, which changes or Will publish new policies, notices and standard terms and conditions on this website.

In this site, the provider has placed the data for informational purposes and is not considered to be official. Service provider shall take all necessary measures to ensure that the published data are in reality, but that the information from the website cannot be directly derived from any rights or obligations.

Provider assumes responsibility only for the information that is confirmed, but excludes any malfunction, unauthorized alteration of the site and hardware and software, or altered or Changed data.

2. Copyright, industrial property Rights

The content on this site, including, but not limited to, text, design, software, imagery, graphics, audio, audiovisual material, recordings, source code, and content, may be provided by the service provider The The copyrights and content used in this license are protected by the copyright laws of Hungary and by international copyright laws. Modifying, copying, duplicating, republishing, uploading, downloading, posting or otherwise forwarding, making available to the public, making the content or the details thereof accessible Use, the creation, transfer, sale or use of links to other public or commercial purposes may be made only with the express written permission of the service provider.

You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, download, post or otherwise transmit or make available any trademarks or service marks found on this site without the express written permission of the service provider, It shall also be prohibited to be made available to the public and to use, sell or otherwise use for the purposes of the creation of other materials.

Content displayed under a separate agreement for free-to-use, open source legal content, and service partners, is partly under different judgement. For these purposes, copyright and industrial property protection is not a provider (but the owner of the content), but the downloading of such content without the prior written permission of the licensor is also infringing on this website.

3. Use of information and materials

The site is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute any advice.

The content of the site, including the terms and descriptions contained therein, may be modified without prior notice. Unauthorized use of the website and the misuse of the passwords and information associated with the site are strictly prohibited.

Products and services presented on this site may not be available anywhere in the world. The service provider’s exclusive competence is to determine eligibility for services. For information, products and services on this site, the service provider draws users ‘ attention to the fact that the use of certain information, products, services or materials may be prohibited or The user is obliged to take into account.

4. Links to other sites

A service provider may place links and links to websites operated by third parties on the site, which can be used by users as desired.

Provider does not check these websites and is not responsible for their content. The placement of links does not constitute a support or recommendation of any views, ideas, goods, products, information or services on the external website from the service provider. The relationship between the user and the website in the link, including the payment and delivery of the goods, products and services offered therein, is based solely on the link between the user and the operator of the website. The provider has no influence over the third-party websites contained in the links and does not warrant any content or goods, products or services contained therein. The user expressly accepts that the service provider is not responsible for the access, use, or failure of any third-party websites or any content, goods, products or services offered therein. Losses and damages.

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