I am Krisztina Domján, creator of 100% natural premium cosmetics. CHRISTINA DOMIAN© is my very own brand.

If I don’t know you personally, but I know everything about your skin type. Your wrinkles are reduced, irritation disappears, your skin soothes and regenerates.

Even if I don’t know you personally, I know everything about your skin type. Providing a product range for the whole day, the CHRISTINA DOMIAN© cosmetics promise you no less than your dry and dehydrated, dry and sensitive, or combination, oily skin will shine like never before. They will reduce your wrinkles, end irritation, and your skin becomes smooth and regenerated.

Your beauty is a bond for me: I must give you my best to make these promises come true.

I hope that, by the time you realize why I chose natural cosmetics my passion and what makes the CHRISTINA DOMIAN© brand special, you will rightly trust me, trust in my knowledge, and trust in my products.

I myself started as a responsible consumer…

I have always been looking for products made from natural ingredients looking at the store shelves, especially when it comes to skin care. I did it because I have children with sensitive skin that is prone to eczema. I think this attitude is typical also for you: you are constantly looking for the ideal natural skin care products for yourself.

Where did the commitment to make natural cosmetics come from?

Well, I don’t have any witches or shamans on my family tree and I didn’t have a fairy godmother either.

But there is enough obsession in me, whether it is learning or work.

And because of my personality, I like lonely activities that need my full attention. It was such a soul-building activity for me to create cosmetics from natural ingredients that Mother Earth gave us richly.

When I started the development of CHRISTINA DOMIAN© natural cosmetics, I worked on them day and night. There were no family members, relatives, friends, neighbours, and close acquaintances who wouldn’t have tried my latest magic creams. And they were all very happy with the beautifying and caring effect.

My enthusiasm is coupled with knowledge: I have a medical degree, and I have mastered the basics of holistic medicine and dermatology with self-training, and I also took a look at the mysteries of cosmetics. I must particularly emphasize the versatile knowledge I got from the teachers of Házikence Tanoda and the Adult Training and Exam Centre of Elite Cosmetics Training Foundation.

Behind my brand are dedicated, professional helpers and without their effective, inspirational involvement, CHRISTINA DOMIAN© brand wouldn’t exist. (Under the Mentors menu you can read more about them.)

Passion, love, and many wonders of nature – you can find all of these in the CHRISTINA DOMIAN© natural cosmetics that differ from similar products since they contain the maximum amount of each active ingredient.

Take a look around, find the natural cosmetic right for your skin type and be naturally beautiful!


Krisztina Domján