Ultraviolet radiation has a very damaging effect on our skin.  It can cause a number of problems ranging from sunburn to melanoma to skin, so the use of sunscreen cosmetics is essential to protect our health.

Symptoms of light-impaired skin:

  • Sunburn from UVB radiation and pigment spots
  • As a consequence of UVA radiation, collagen fibers may be damaged, causing the skin to become wrinkled, loose and flabby
  • UVB rays may also cause damage to the DNA of cells, causing malignant skin tumors to appear

These problems, which are a serious threat to our skin health, are being prevented by all people to the best of their knowledge. Before sunbathing, we can choose from a multitude of sunscreens, saturate the shops with different brands and price-category sun protection products.

Toxic chemicals

Unfortunately, the most recent research into the components of several retail products has found chemical substances that, when absorbed through the skin in the human body, are a cause for concern because of their potentially toxic effects. Chemical Light protectors absorb light, but look to our skin for health-damaging ingredients.

According to the research, most sunscreen creams contain a number of chemical sunscreen substances to block ultraviolet rays. The researchers mainly made the two chemical sunguards in them, the oxibenzone, which caused an allergic reaction, and octinoxate, which were responsible for the unwanted effect, avobenzone and oktocrilase.

These compounds, among other things, affect the hormonal balance of the human body, disrupt the function of the endocrine glands. In many sunscreens, therefore, the mineral and chemical filters are combined to provide higher levels of light protection and less risk to the skin and the body.

Safe physical Sunscreens

According to the researchers, physical sunscreens with a mineral content are clearly safer than chemical sunscreen agents. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are 100 % natural modern physical sunscreens, are not absorbed into the bloodstream, dispersated in cosmetics, do not leave white stain on the skin, yet they are sufficiently effective in beating sunlight from the skin and intense UVA and UVB protection. Sun protection products with mineral-containing sunscreen are fully safe to use. But chemical-based sunscreen is simpler to produce and cheaper, so it is widely available to consumers.

Quality natural cosmetics for safe light protection

In the cosmetic market there are a number of natural cosmetic companies that sell sun-bathing products made with physical sunscreen materials.

To protect our health and ensure safe sunscreen, choose mineral-containing, high-quality natural cosmetics made with physical light protections to help we enjoy the summer sun without worry.