Knowing your skin type is crucial if you want to give it the proper, everyday care that it deserves. Do you know your skin type?

Normal skin type

If you are one of the lucky ones that have no problems with their skin, then you must know how valued your position is. Your skin is not too oily neither too dry. It is just right and you have no problems with it.

How to identify normal skin type:

  • velvety, baby-like, smooth pores
  • your facial skin colour is slightly pink
  • no pimples, no blackheads (lucky you!)

Future prognosis: as you go on with age, your skin might become dry.

Combination, oily skin type

It is easy to identify oily, seborrheic skin since the symptoms mentioned below make life hard every day:

  • increased sebum production
  • wide pores, grimy, inflamed, red skin (even thicker and yellowy)
  • blackheads are on the face, sometimes on the shoulders, back, and chest
  • in some more serious cases bumps and pustules are present under the skin

In case of a combination skin type, the T-zone is more oily, greasy and the other parts are dry.

So, on one hand the skin overproduces sebum, on the other hand it needs lipids really badly. It is hard to take proper care of it, use special products.

The reasons of combination, oily skin can be genetics, hormonal imbalance, stress or the side effect of a medicine, but in most cases, it is caused by irritating make-up and skin care products.

Dry, sensitive skin

Is your skin dry? Then you are familiar with the unpleasant tense, rough feeling. It is beneficial to find the best skin care product for it since the dry skin’s wrinkles are seem to be deeper.

Dry skin is itchy, tense, rough and patchy. It exfoliates. The significance of these symptoms depends on whether you have mild, moderate, or severe dryness.

Those who have severe dry skin also have dry skin on their knees, heels, elbows and hands. In this case the special care of the whole body is very important.

The dry skin desperately needs epidermal lipids (ceramides, fatty acids, cholesterol) and natural moisturizing factors (urea, amino acids, lactic acid).

The skin, no matter what type it is, can only maintain its natural protecting function if you give it everything that it needs.

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