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I have sensitive skin, provide me more information.

Are you fed up with your skin being sensitive, tense, and red?

While inner sensitivity, the ability to detect the subtle vibrations of the soul is a desire for many people, the increased sensitivity of our skin and its tendency to inflammation are far from being it.

If you also suffer from persistent skin irritation, tension, and even the touch of the softest breeze on your face makes it red, it is clear that you would like to change the situation.

But how can you soothe your dry, sensitive skin?

You may have already experienced that artificial cosmetics containing dyes and fragrances only make these irritating skin symptoms worse.

There can hardly be any doubt that only 100% natural moisturizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory herbal ingredients can provide effective help to get your skin naturally protected, so you can live your life without redness and tension.

Excessive sensitivity of your skin is not natural, but the answer it gives can be.

How problematic your skin is right now?

Your skin is dry, rough by touch?

If your skin’s moisture content is not optimal, you can easily face the unpleasant feeling of dry skin. The so-called hydrolipid layer of your skin would need protection in order to prevent water deficiency that can cause your skin to become less firm.

You are always trying to hide the redness of your skin?

If you try to cover the redness, roughness, irritation of your skin with powders and foundations that don’t have the proper composition and nurturing ingredients, you can easily can get into the vicious circle of inflammation.

Are you worried about the wrinkles around your eyes and premature aging?

If you notice that your once-normal, velvety skin has become sensitive, dry, and that the first wrinkles have appeared around your eyes, it indicates that your skin has become moderately or extremely oil deficient. In addition to the environmental effects, this can inevitably be accompanied by the hormonal changes coming with age.

Do not wait until your skin becomes dry throughout all its layers.

The reason why it does matter how you nurture your dry, sensitive skin

What happens when you apply products that are low in active ingredients or aren’t for your skin type?

  • On one hand, there’s a big chance that dryness, sensitivity, and the tendency of inflammation will intensify.
  • On the other hand, it might take longer to reach the state of healthy skin when its sensitivity and dryness does not define how you feel.

It is only up to you if you nurture your tense, red skin accordingly to its type with 100% natural cosmetics that contain the maximum amount of active ingredients.

Learn more about the CHRISTINA DOMIAN© product line for dry, sensitive skin.

How the CHRISTINA DOMIAN© product line for dry, sensitive skin is going to benefit you?

Since the natural cosmetics contain the maximum amount of active ingredients that strengthen each other, they only make nature even more perfect.

The premium quality natural cosmetic product line is specifically designed to meet the needs of dry, sensitive, irritated skin:

  • Due to its powerful soothing and hydrating effect, the unpleasant feeling of sensitive skin decreases.
  • Due to its regenerating, skin protecting herbal ingredients, redness and irritation decreases.

They strengthen the natural barrier of your skin and fill it with moisture so your existing wrinkles decrease, and your skin is reborn every day.

Let your skin meet them

We have a CHRISTINA DOMIAN© natural cosmetic product for every step of your daily beauty routine.

Cleansing, make-up removal

Moisturizing, soothing cleansing milk for dry, sensitive skin

It mixes gentle cleansing with effective soothing; it helps even the most irritated skin.

Its soothing effect comes from the linden flower water while the almond oil gives its softening, nourishing effects. The moisturizing surfactant from coconut oil is able to successfully combine the benefits of cleansing and moisturizing. Its special, Ayurvedic active ingredients like Bhringaraj and lotus powder regenerate and makes your skin smooth, even, and glamorous.


Toning, refreshing, tightening

Moisturizing, soothing tonic for dry, sensitive skin

A spectacularly versatile product that revitalizes and soothes the skin at the same time.

It is made with a combination of lemon grass, lime blossom and lavender water, and contains active ingredients such as mallow, red grape extract, and vitamin B3 that are particularly beneficial for dry, water-deficient, premature skin.


Night nurturing, regeneration, and deep, structural correction

Moisturizing, soothing night cream for dry, sensitive skin

Dream-like soothing at night for tense, easily red skin with high amount of active ingredients.

The night cream contains a range of nourishing, softening, or even anti-inflammatory herbal ingredients such as lemon grass and lavender water, regenerating safflower oil and Kokum butter, or Shea butter that also stimulates collagen production.

Vitamin A and B3 as cosmetic ingredients and the traditional Chinese magnolia-vine are also the friend of a reddening, sensitive skin. The unrivaled overall effect is further enhanced by the arnica and common comfrey extract also known as allantoin, and lavender oil.


Day nurturing, tightening, moisturizing

Moisturizing, soothing day cream for dry, sensitive skin

The best company your irritated skin can get for the day: a large amount of herbal ingredients for inflammation, itching, redness in one cream.

The special combination of active ingredients includes the lemon grass and linden blossom water, the apricot seed and blackcurrant oil that are the best in moisturizing, the gentle forest mauve extract, the antioxidant and natural sunscreen raspberry oil, the regenerating, protective lavender oil and coconut powder. Hyaluronic acid takes care of the elasticity and fullness of your sensitive, dry skin.


Meet the creator of CHRISTINA DOMIAN© products

I truly believe in nature and that all that comes from it is able to build and nurture us. The amazing herbal ingredients for the skin represent this miracle to me.

The CHRISTINA DOMIAN© product line for dry, sensitive skin was created with passion, love, and attention along with the inspiring advices of my amazing professional mentors.

We do not know each other yet, but there’s one thing I already know about you: you have to face many unpleasant situations in your everyday life because of your sensitive, dry, irritated skin. During for example make up removal, toning and using moisturizing creams give you an itchy sensation.

I know that it shouldn’t be this way: you and your skin deserve to receive the moisturizing and soothing. While thinking about this I created the CHRISTINA DOMIAN© product line for dry, sensitive skin that contains the maximum amount of active ingredients, thus regenerates your skin.

My natural cosmetics do not cause irritation, since they are free of chemicals and artificial ingredients and are made of natural, skin-friendly ingredients that I have chosen really carefully.

I recommend you my product line for dry, sensitive skin with love. Experience the velvety, firm and irritation free skin!

Krisztina Domján

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Moisturizing, soothing cleansing milk for dry, sensitive skin
120 ml
€ 52

It mixes gentle cleansing with effective soothing; it helps even the most irritated skin.

Moisturizing, soothing tonic for dry, sensitive skin
120 ml
€ 52

Refreshes, gently soothes, and tightens the skin.

Moisturizing, soothing night cream for dry, sensitive skin
50 ml
€ 78

Dream-like soothing at night for tense, easily red skin

Moisturizing, soothing day cream for dry, sensitive skin
50 ml
€ 72

Large amount of herbal ingredients for inflammation, itching, redness in one cream.


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Have a better understanding of your own skin

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“In the world of natural cosmetics, it is outstanding to make nature itself more perfect. I am happy I was a part of making the CHRISTINA DOMIAN© products a dream come true with my advice.”
DR. VIKTÓRIA TORMA, Researcher, Home Cosmetics Expert, Phytotherapist, Natural Healer, Head of Házikence Tanoda
“One of the prerequisites for creating a brand new, premium category natural cosmetic that opens up new perspectives is a thorough, comprehensive knowledge of the properties and synergies of the materials. What really matters though is the creative passion that is reflected in the wonderful qualities of the products.”
SZILVIA ELEK, Teacher of Biology, Chemistry, and Knowledge of Materials, Cosmetologist, Instructor at the Adult Training and Exam Centre of Elite Cosmetics Training Foundation

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